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Japanese company Tokyo RPG Factory develop this Lost Sphear PC role-playing game. This second title of the Tokyo RPG Factory was published by Square Enix. 12th October 2017 is the date of this game release. This role-playing video game is available to play on Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4 platforms. I Am Setsuna is the first development of Tokyo RPG Factory. And Lost Sphear PC download is the second development of this company.

January 2018 is the worldwide releasing year. Lost Sphear free download for PC has multi and single player play facility. In the gameplay, katana player character fight against the enemies to restore own village people and lost things. New features like ATB 2.0, Vulcosuits Armour, etc are added in Lost Sphear PC download gameplay. Katana has some special abilities and by use of this ability, he tries his best to restore the village to its well previous condition.

Lost Sphear PC Gameplay

After first achievements with I Am Setsuna game. Tokyo RPG Factory creates this another wonderful video game. Active Time Battle mechanism is also found in this second title of Tokyo RPG Factory. Which is also present in the first title. Katana is the main player character. This player is a member of Elgarthe village. One day Katana see his village becomes disappeared. At this movement, Katana use their magical powers, features, and strategies to recover lost things and people of the village.

Katana try the best to restore their village. This Lost Sphear for PC game has Moonlight Battle Ground Mode. Also, Vulcosuits Armour feature is added now. This feature gives more magical powers to the katana. With the help of these powers, katana fight well against the game enemies. With ATB 2.0 functionality, the game offers new battle mechanism. And this mechanism is really better than the old fighting feature. Reference site.

Features Of Lost Sphear Free Download

What makes this PC game such a most popular RPG game is explain here with below features. If you read these points then you understand it well.

  • Multiplayer, Singleplayer RPG gameplay.
  • You can enjoy the character of katana with special abilities.
  • ATB 2.0 feature present new battle system.
  • New bosses are added in Lost Sphear free download for PC with Moonlight Battle Ground Mode.
  • Vulcosuits Armour feature helps the player to equip the character of Lost Sphear.
  • And after equipping this character, a player can battle for his village.

Computer Requirements Parameters

Here you can read the Windows computer requirements parameters. If these parameters are in your system then you install Lost Sphear torrent on your it.

  • O.S: Windows O.S 7 64-Bit Only.
  • C.P.U: Core Intel i3 C.P.U With 2.4GHz Speed.
  • R.A.M: 4GB R.A.M.
  • H.D.D: 8GB H.D.D.
  • V.C: NVIDIA GTX GeForce 460 OR AMD HD Radeon 5750 Video Card.

Lost Sphear Download PC Torrent Version

Lost Sphear torrent download for PC is ready here for you. You can install Lost Sphear torrent PC download if your Windows platform has installed Utorrent. Utorrent preinstall is require in order to download this game from here.

Lost Sphear PC


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Lost Spehar For PC Review

The storyline of this video game is the same as I Am Setsuna. But some of the new features and some other graphics changes are made in this second title. If you do not play I Am Setsuna PC game. And want to enjoy its gameplay than you can play this game on your Windows platform. Because as we told only some new things are change here. But as compared to I Am Setsuna game it has great graphics color system. So you must try this one after download it from this post.