Vanquish PC Game Free Download – Action Third Person Shooting

Vanquish PC game free download is an action and third-person shooting genre video game. PlatinumGames developed it. And Sega discovers this video game for PS3, XB360, MS Windows OS. The development of the game is started in the year 2007 and the game was published in the 2010 year. After taking 3 years of time PlatinumGames to complete the development of it. MS Windows version of the game was released in 2017 May. This game has 3D shooting genre graphics which gives you real fill of actions.

Vanquish PC Game Free Download

The overall gameplay of Vanquish PC game free download is really super and it is totally based on one thing namely Augmented reaction suit. To get a positive progression player needs to use this AR suite in a good manner. You can perform fast action with the help of it. And you have kept some things on your mind to protect this AR suite. More notes about it are written below with video of Vanquish gameplay.

Vanquish PC Gameplay

With augmented reaction suit player controls the Sam Gideon, who is the agent of DARPA. This AR suite is helpful when players get damage from the opponent. Augmented reaction mode activated automatically whenever the player character gets too much damage. And also manual use of this AR suit is possible. A player can use this AR suite during any actions. Such as during sliding, evading, etc. To enter in AR mode player needs to long tap on the AIM button. This suite helps the player to target any enemies easily.

Booster system is present in the AR suite for quick slides. A player needs to maintain time distance between the use of this booster system. If it will use it much time then suite release overhit. So to maintain the suite coolness keep fair use of it. If opponent enemies rapidly perform melee attacks then also AR suite release hits. So this suite works well only if you protect it well. In the gameplay 2 different type of grenade bombs and blade are available as weaponry. If a player wants to save between available weapons then it is possible by holding the down arrow. To upgrade the power of any weapons you have to use upgrade chips. The visual look and soundtrack of the Vanquish free download for PC are shown below by youtube gameplay video.

Features Of Vanquish PC Game

Here listed features are top most famous features of this game. So if you want to know the functionality of the game before download and play then once read this all points of the game features.

  • Augmented reaction suite for better enemies targeting.
  • Perform quick slides action by use of AR booster.
  • Maintain the temperature of the suite from some location and enemies attacks.
  • Free 8 varies power weapons.
  • More 3 weapons are available in DLC.
  • Blade weapons are used to store these 8 weapons.
  • You can store a maximum of three weapons in Blade weapons.
  • Easily swap to any other available weapon.

System Requirements To Install Vanquish PC Game

The system hardware requirement is basic to install this free PC game on your computer. Here we list those requirements of the system. so check it out one after one.

  • Operating System      MS Windows operating system 10/8.1/8/7
  • System CPU                  Core i3 Intel  CPU @ 2.9GHz OR Any other Equivalent to it.
  • DXV                                   9
  • RAM Memory                Minimum required 4 GB
  • HDD:                                 Free 20GB
  • Video Graphics           DXV 9.0 Compliant Video graphics @ 1GB of Video RAM [ GeForce Nvidia 460 OR  Radeon AMD 5670]

Download Vanquish PC Game Free

Two downloads option are present at the download page. You can choose any one option from these alternatives for free download Vanquish PC game. Direct compressed download GD link is here.


Video Gameplay Captures


Vanquish PC Download

Vanquish Torrent

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