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After the great response of previous versions of The Gear Series like Gears of War, Gears 4 and some other versions, The Canadian video game developer The Coalition decides to come with another version of it and it’s The Gears 5 game. The Gears 5 is the third-person shooter game.

The Story is begun from where it left in The Gears 4. Characters like Kait, James Dominic Fenix, Delmont Walker also return. So, let’s talk about the gameplay and features of it in detail.

The Gears 5

Storyline And Gameplay Of The Gears 5 PC Game

As we mentioned before that, the story is starting where it left in the Gears 4 game. Kait and her family tried to get over with their past. They uncovered so many secrets. They know what is the future of mankind. Now, they are trying to focus on the fresh start. As you go forward in The Gears 5 game, You will discover so many things, So many things revealed as you go deeper and deeper.

Kait reminds her mates James Dominic Fenix, Delmont Walker. When Kait returns to him, Both of them Seem unhappy with them, Kait catches all those expressions and decide to begin the process of resembling locust. Now the queen, The queen of Locust, Myrrah comes in the picture. Kait decides to start a mission, a mission that is connected to Kait with the Locust’s Necklace of her grandma. Only three Kait, Delmont, and Marcus will part of it. The important part here is that protagonist of The Gears 4 will not give more help in this version like in the previous version of it.

As Kait will not have the support from the JD, Kait is now Your Protagonist in this version. Kait Role as Protagonist is just amazing will leave you speechless, She controls the game in a fantastic way, In Short, we can say that she save the series completely. The online multiplayer mode of this game series has been the most important and which attract most of the players. So there is no reason to exclude it from The Gears 5 download. The Coalition, the developers said in a statement that there are some new maps are added in the new version. Well, If you Enjoy the adventures previous version of The Gears Series, This will not disappoint you.

The Gears 5 PC System Requirement

To get a good experience of The Gears 5 PC game, You should play it with at least 64-bit Windows 7 Server pack 1 Operating system, While We prefer you to play it with Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 to get the best experience(64-bit only). In terms of processor, AMD’s FX-6000 Series or Intel’s Skylake is minimum required, But AMD Ryzan 3 or Intel’s i5- skyline suits perfect. While in terms of RAM and Graphics, 8 GB Ram With Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 or AMD RadeonRX 570, If Running it on Windows 7 Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060ti is Suits perfectly.80 GB HDD should be Available.

Free Download The Gears 5 Game Full Version For PC

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