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The American video game developer IFFonic is famous for its Iconic and amazing warfare games and it comes with another great masterpiece and Its a Predator: Hunting Grounds. Its a deep, asymmetrical and multiplayer shooting diversion. In the game, there are two sides, one is the team of soldiers and the other is a predator. Playing as a predator is worthy mostly.

You can create your own squad with your fellow teammates and play as a fireteam. Predator keeps stalking on the prey (Human Soldiers). But as we discussed before, you can also play as Predator. So, let’s talk about how you can play as prey and predator in detail.

Gameplay Of Predator: Hunting Grounds Game

In the game where soldiers who are human get stoked in the jungle, and to get out of that jungle They/you have to fight against the aliens and to fight against They/you to roam the place and complete some task or goals, and fighting some battles. You will have a chopper to roam from one place to another. one needs to survive from all of the tasks and need to reach a helicopter to get out or escape from the jungle. Proper teamwork and each required to perform their duties and need to fight battles and solve quests to beat the enemies.

Predator Hunting Ground

Predator: You can also play as Predator in the game, In the multiplayer mode of the game. In this mode, You will Hunt the Soldiers. When you playing this mode, You may feel that the spiritual and elevating power of the soldiers. You will find some interesting explosives and weapons presents inside the game and with the help with those you can set the different traps and then you can attack them easily. When you are a predator you will have a vision of heat to follow the soldiers.

Human Soldiers: Well, You can also enjoy the gameplay by playing as human soldiers, You will have lots of fun with this mode. The feeling of shooting predator is just different and amazing. Your soldier’s team has to make a plan to battling and fight against the predator to beat it. You and your teammates must be alert from the predator as he hides anywhere in the back of the tress of dense jungle. The battle between predator and You’re is very adventurous and Thrilling. Make a Plan With Your Team, Set Trap and Beat The Predator. That’s The Real Fun.

System Requirement Predator: Hunting Grounds PC Game

  • Required 64-bit Processor and Operating System and Minimum 64-bit Windows 7 Operating System.
  • Intel’s Core i5-2500k and 3 and more GHz CPU, AMD’s CPU Phenom || X4 940 CPU, Supports Very efficiently.
  • 5GB storage and 8GB RAM is Required as it deals with high-level graphics.
  • As we talking about graphics, Graphics like Nvidia GeForce GTX 660, AMD GPU Radeon HD 7870 supports very well.¬† It has an Integrated Sound Card.

These are the minimum Requirement and gives average performance.

But We recommended you use 64-bit Windows 10 Operating System with Intel’s i7 3770 with 3/4 Ghz or With AMD CPU FX-8350 with $GHz.5GB Storage Space and 16 GB RAM and Nvidia GPU GeForceGTX 1060 or AMD’s GPU Radeon RX 580 and Direct X 11 of Version of Sound card Should be the Best.

NOTE: 64-bit is the Minimum Requirement of the Operating System.

Free Download Predator: Hunting Grounds For PC

Let’s get the download link of this Predator: Hunting Grounds game for PC in torrent as well compressed version from the below blue download link.