GTA San Andreas PC Game Free Download For Windows

GTA game series has serval sequels. And not only one of them is popular. This means all the sequels are in trending from their releasing time to today’s date because of their great gameplay. Not only specific range gamers like to enjoy the gameplay of GTA San Andreas PC game. But today everyone likes this free PC game.

Some action games are popular from their release date to today’s date. And such type of games is downloaded in today’s time because of their great development work. GTA San Andreas PC download is one of the famous action-adventure free PC games that you today get it from here. This development is of Rockstar North which is released in 2004. The prequel version of this development is Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. And also this is the development of Rockstart North which comes in the market in the year 2002.

Gameplay Of GTA San Andreas Game

This multiplayer, as well as single player, supported Grand Theft Auto game series game is developed for all platforms. Like for Xbox, Android, Fire OS, Windows PC’s and phones, PS 2 & 3, MAC PC’s, iOS devices, etc. Not only action-adventure is the genre of this game. But inside this open-world game, you get the enjoyment of stealth and third-person perspective actions.

The gameplay of GTA San Andreas free download is very common to their prequels. But some of the new enhancements are too good that attract gamers to download it. As like previous prequels a game leading player has the ability to drive, run, walk, fight, jump, etc. Various weaponry is available to use for fights. Also, face to face fights is possible without using weapons. To get quick access to some of the features you can apply cheat codes shortcuts. By applying GTA San Andreas cheat codes you can easily get the things that you want such as a vehicle, weapons, etc. Here we not tell in detail about this GTA San Andreas download for PC. So you have to download GTA San Andres for PC from the below link.

In old GTA games, there are some extra missions are available like drive taxi cab to drop people to their destination, help injured people, etc. And also, same is it, GTA San Andreas download PC game has some extra or optional features. These features are helpful in getting extra rewards that you can use in your game purchase. The map feature is available, but not all locations such as gym, hospital, restaurant, etc are unlocked in starting of the game. To unlock such types of locations you have to complete the required missions. As like this local locations, some of rural area and cities place also require to complete some of the missions to get unlocked it.

Features Of GTA San Andreas Free Download

  • You can decide how you play the game.
  • Follows the map to reach your target.
  • Visit and enjoy city places, When you are free from game missions.
  • Attempt extra ( Optional ) missions of the game to get more rewards.
  • The traditional missions of their prequels are also included in this GTA San Andreas PC download.
  • Newly added missions are drive truck and train, pimping and burglary missions, etc.
  • Great effect for underwater swimming.
  • Now you get the ability to drive and use the weapons at a time.
  • From small to big heavy vehicles are available.
  • Such as car, bus, train, helicopter, etc.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas System Requirements

All GTA games have various levels of graphics. So all the Grand Theft Auto game series have different system requirements. Below are the system characteristics that are required to play Grand Theft Auto San Andreas PC Game on Windows device.

GTA San Andreas System Requirements

  • Windows System: MS Windows XP, MSW 2000, OR Any Later
  • Processor/C.P.U: Pentium3 @ 1 GHz Speed CPU OR AMD Athlon Processor
  • RAM OR Memory: Minimal RAM Required Is 256 MB
  • Graphics Card: Geforce3 NVIDIA @ 64MB
  • Hard Disk Storage: 10 GB Minimal HDD

Download GTA San Andreas PC Game Full Version

To start enjoying above all the game features and gameplay of GTA San Andreas on your Windows PC download the game torrent or compressed version from here. Highly compressed game parts, as well as GTA San Andreas torrent download for PC, is here.

GTA San Andreas PC


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Gameplay Of GTA San Andreas is very interesting. And enjoyment that we get while playing this free PC game is evergreen for all of us. All the features of this game are awesome. So what you feel about this best action-adventure PC download. Share it in your own words using the below comment or star rating feature.