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Firewatch Download PC Game

Only some of first-person PC adventure game becomes popular in 2016s. And here we are sharing one of these popular adventure first-person PC game of the year 2016. Campo Santo and Panic game publisher publish Firewatch video game for MS Windows PC, Xbox One, PS 4, and Linux devices. This Firewatch PC game publishment is of 2016. While Nintendo Firewatch game is out in December of 2018. This is the first development of Campo Santo.

Firewatch PC Game
Firewatch PC Download

This Story of the Firewatch PC download is interesting for those people who like the environment of forest and work of fireman. In this Firewatch download PC game, a player performs the role of a fireman. From the beginning of the storyline, a player whose name is Hanry gets a tower in between the area of forest for residency. And the work of Hanry is guided by his supervisor Delilah. Both can communicate with each other with the help of the Walkie-Talkie device. Hanry report this all the activities to Delilah. And Hanry performs actions after getting instruction from Delilah.

Gameplay Of Firewatch Torrent Game

9 February 2016 is the worldwide releasing time of Firewatch torrent game. On this date, Firewatch torrent game is released for Microsoft PCs, Linux, and OS X platforms. While Firewatch XB1 and Play Station4 version are released in September of 2016. On September 21, 2016, it was released in North America. While for Australia country it was out on October 14 of 2016. This Firewatch PC game only runs with the singleplayer campaign.

This gameplay shows the role of Henry as a character. And the storyline is of Wyoming state of America. This is the story of the year 1989. In Firewatch download PC game, Hanry work as a fireman on Shoshone National Forest. After Hanry comes to this spot, he knows some facts about this location. Hanry shows person shadow who follow the activities of him. At that time Hanry uses Walkie-Talkie device to communicate with his supervise. A player can talk on walkie talkie device by dialogue option. Day and night cycle feature is now in this gameplay of Firwatch PC game. Player founds objects in the forest can be saved for future requirements. To see full Firewatch PC gameplay see this video.

Features Of Firewatch PC Download

The features that you get in this adventure forest gameplay is talked below. The gameplay design is specially made for those who like to play a game role of the forester. So read out it before Firewatch free download.

  • First-person adventure gameplay.
  • Communicate with a supervisor using a Walkie-Talkie device.
  • Firewatch torrent PC download has a day and night cycle feature.
  • The storyline is of 1988.
  • You have to work for any action after you get instructions from your supervisor.
  • Firewatch PC download has effective graphics.

System Requirements for Firewatch Download PC Game

You can see System Requirements for Firewatch Download PC Game full version. Yes, this is the needs of your PC to play Firewatch torrent game.

  • C.P.U:                                      Core i3 Intel CPU 2155C @ 2.0GHz OR Athlon II AMD X3 460 CPU W3.4GHz
  • Microsoft O.S:                    Windows Seven Of 64-Bit
  • Free System Space:        4GB System Space Free
  • System RAM:                      6GB System RAM
  • DX Version:                         DX Version 11.0
  • Video Graphics:                NVIDIA GTS GeForce 450 @1GB AND Radeon HD AMD6770

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Firewatch Download PC

If this forest adventure PC first-person shooting gameplay is interesting for you then you can free download Firewatch for PC from the link.