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DotA or Defense of the Ancients game is the multiplayer online battle arena-MOBA development & which is published by American video game developer Valve. Dota 2 download is one of the best creation which is created by Valve. After the success, DotA Valve developers decide to create a sequel of this online battle game.

And they made DotA 2 game for all gaming devices. You can play this battle game in both modes,¬† such as single players as well as in multiplayer mode. In the game, if you are playing a game in a team, then you have to form two teams, Each of the team has 5 players. The gameplay is similar to the previous sequel which is Dota 1. Now let’s talk about it in detail for this game.

Dota 2

Gameplay Dota 2 Game

It can be played in single-player mode as well as multiplayer mode. But playing a Dota 2 free download in a team is the best way to having fun with it. When you play it in multiplayer mode with your friends, You & your friends have to form two teams, with each team has 5 characters. The main aim and objective of each team are to destroy the ancient’s base. Each team has a separate base in a map and they will defend and will attack. The team that tries to defend or save the base known as ‘Ancient’. Each of the 10 players has different, individual, & independent control compare to other characters.

Both teams are formed in different types of characters with different kind of objectives to achieve. Each player of both teams is controlling their own characters which are known as heroes. All these heroes character having a different style of play & abilities in the game. The character of the team has to collect different kinds of items & points in addition to improves the character abilities so they can beat the opposing team’s heroes easily. Each of the characters has different strengths, design, and weaknesses and also has a different kind of roles.

Every Character has two primary goals, one is carried and the other supports. Support heroes provide the strength to the entire team while Corry heroes improve the chances of the victory. The Dota 2 PC game also has different elements and modes. This mode provides great experience and entertainment to the players. Different types of modes allow a player to play in a different battle. If you want to better and best performance, you have to choose the best heroes.

Here some of the abilities of Deniable Poison:

  • 1.Bane’s Nightermare
  • 2.Bloodseeker’s blood rage
  • 3. Queen of Pain’s Shadow Strike
  • 4.Doom’s Doom

System Requirement To play Dota 2 PC Game

At least you have minimum windows 7, its also working window 8 as well as 10. While in terms of processor, Any processor with dual cores of intel or AMD with 2.8 or more GHz is the minimum requirement. GTX 770 and up GPU with graphics of Nvidia GeForce 8600/9600, ATI, AMD Radeon HD2600/3600 or better and with 15 GB available Storage Space. To play, you required good graphics and more RAM with 15GB storage available space for the greater experience.

Download Dota 2 PC Game Free Full Version

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