Dark Forester PC Game Free Download Full Version

If you are looking for the game with marvelous features then Dark Forester PC will be perfect for you. The game is originally developed by Morozov Sergey.

Morozov Sergey is mainly developed for a steam gaming console. In the game, as the name suggests, you will have a forest which is really wide with the trees and plants are available.

Dark Forester

Gameplay Of Dark Forester Game

The game Dark Forester will allow you to edit your whole forest. You can add new trees and many other plants which make it more attractive. You can build your own customized look forest, you will feel like you are the king of the forest. It has features like setting up the traps, protect your things from enemies by setting up the trap.

Make your strategy, play and have fun! Dark Forester PC download is a multiplayer and strategic game. when you play the game, you will feel like yourself as like you are the king of forest and game. It offers different editing options to decorate your forest. You will have features like a place the guarding, own heroes, lay the traps to protect your things from the enemies. You can make impressive and great forests even if you are playing In RPG Strategy mode.

In the Dark Forester PC, you will find so many characters within a game that can reach up to 12 or 15 levels, you can be made an infinite number of raids in the games. It means also you have alert during the game. This game is similar to Supercell’s clash of clans and clash of royal and etc. The plus point of this game is that everything is in 3D graphics, You just loved to play the game. Design and decorate your forest, Make a plan, follow the main strategy, set traps and protect your from enemies and having fun!

System Requirement To play Dark Forester

You required 64-bit windows 7 service pack 1, its also working window 8, as well as 10.While in terms of processor, Intel’s Core i7-4770K with 3 or 3+ GHz, Supports Very efficiently. 16 GB RAM with graphics of GeForce GTX 780 Ti 3GB with disk space of 50GB. To play, you required good graphics and more RAM with 3072 MB dedicated video RAM for the greater experience.

Free Download Dark Forester PC Game Full Version

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